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Google  Logins for students : 1st initial, first 3 letters of last name, last 4 of student id

  • Example
    • New Student 12345678
      • Username:
      • Password:  password  (all lower case)

All students

  • will be presented with a CAPTCHA ( Nothing I can do about it, it is part of Gmail's security). If they do not enter the CAPTCHA correctly they will have to enter the generic password again along with a new CAPTCHA.
  • After successfully logging in that will be asked to accept Google's security agreement.
  • Then they will be asked to create a new password, the password is 8 characters minimum. Ask them to create a password they can remember. You will not be able to reset it for them.
  • If a student forgets the email password, the teacher must email Ernie Hudson so he can reset it.


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